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Why Redova socks?



STOPS BUNIONS:  Our socks reverse bunions and realign joints by increasing the space between your big toe and second toe;

REDUCES PAIN:  Eliminates stabbing pain and weak tendons from Morton's neuroma, unstable toe drift and other feet problems;

Improve Circulation : Optimises blood circulation and relaxes tired feet by offering soothing compression;

ULTRA SOFT:  Anti-blister and foot-pampering with ultra-soft, flexible,  and durable material;

BREATHABLE:  Moisture-wicking, anti-odour and breathable, our socks dry quickly and absorb moisture between toes.
Advanced Socks Development

 Bunion socks review

Widely used by:

  • Healthcare Workers
  • Teachers
  • Travelers
  • Runners and Walkers
  • Standing and walking professions

Product Description: 

  • Women's Toe Socks: The toe socks with cotton are moisture-wicking and will keep your feet more flexible, breathable, and natural.
  • Design of Toe Separator Socks: Our five toes socks will keep each toe separated and spread to prevent skin-on-skin contact, minimising blisters and chafing. Allows your toes to align and splay naturally, It is effective to prevent allergy and athlete's foot. You may feel there is no stimulation for your skin when you wear it.
  • More Enjoyable Running Experience: The toe socks with a combination of fashion and practicability can provide you perfect experience during exercise and running. The five-finger socks can improve the blood circulation of your feet. Make you enjoy more from running or any other physical exercise.
  • Thin Designed & Perfect Size: All our orthopedic socks are one size fits all. They are very stretchy and adapt to all foot sizes.
  • Great Gift Choice: These 5 toe socks can be the wonderful gift for all beloved friends, family, or any occasion, such as Birthday gift, Christmas gift, Mother’s Day gift, Valentine’s gift, etc.

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